Nantucket Housing Needs Covenant Program

One of the central programs for Housing Nantucket is the Nantucket Housing Needs Covenant Program. The Covenant Program- a program of the Nantucket Housing Authority and administered by Housing Nantucket - has created 59 permanently affordable homes on the island. The Covenant Program is designed to offer home ownership opportunities to middle income year-round islanders (those earning below 150% of median income).

The Covenant Program allows a property owner with more than one residential dwelling on a parcel to sell one of those dwellings at a permanently affordable price. (The program also allows an owner to sell off the development rights for a portion of the parcel.) The sale and resale of the covenant home is subject to a price cap. This price cap is based on median income (as determined by HUD) and current interest rates, and it is reset once a year in January.

The 2016 Maximum Sales Price is $663,473. To qualify, purchasers must earn below $141,000.

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