Housing Nantucket isn't just our name- it's our mission.  We are a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to creating housing opportunities for the Nantucket community. By helping Nantucket's year-round residents establish roots, we encourage a stable yet diverse year-round community.

For many people who work on Nantucket, finding price-appropriate housing is a difficult- if not impossible- task. The undeniable shortage becomes more of a problem as the island's popularity increases. Representing several island groups, Housing Nantucket commissioned a Workforce Housing Needs Assessment to help the community understand the extent of the problem and identify a range of solutions to address it.

For years, Nantucket has been ranked among the most expensive county to rent a home by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.  Housing Nantucket's affordable rental program serves those earning up to 100% of median income. Our rental inventory consists of 30 mostly single-family dwellings in scattered sites around the island.

The median home price on Nantucket is $1.2M, yet the median family income is $94,000. At these prices, homeownership is prohibative for 90% of the island! Our Covenant Program opens the door to home-ownership for moderate income families.

Housing Nantucket is active in reducing environmental impact to Nantucket. All of our rental dwellings have been energy retrofitted. Many of them were acquired through house donation where structurally sound dwelings are donated to the organization.  The buildings have been relocated, rehabilitated and rented to income qualified year-round residents. We have saved many wonderful dwellings from demolition in this way. We are also the island's go-to source for Relocate-able Dwellings for sale. This is a list of dwellings that have the potential to be sold at a fraction of their appraised value and relocated at the expense of the buyer.

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