At Housing Nantucket, it’s our goal to provide safe, affordable housing solutions to island residents.  We are a private, not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to create housing opportunities for the Nantucket community. By helping Nantucket's core people establish roots, we encourage a stable yet diverse year-round community.

Those taking advantage of Housing Nantucket programs include:

  • health care professionals
  • Town employees
  • teachers and school employees
  • postal workers
  • airport personnel
  • tradespeople and laborers
  • retail and service workers
  • non-profit employees
  • families and single parents
  • elderly

In 2013, Nantucket was ranked the most expensive county to rent a home by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.  Housing Nantucket's affordable rental program serves those earning up to 100% of median income. Our rental inventory consists of 27 mostly single-family dwellings in scattered sites around the island.

Most year rounders will never earn salaries that will allow them to own a market rate home. Median home prices exceed $1.5 Million dollars, but the median household income is only around $100K per year.   Our Covenant Program opens the door to home-ownership for moderate income families.

Housing Nantucket is active in reducing environmental impact to Nantucket. All of our rental dwellings have been energy retrofitted. Many of them were acquired through house recycling, where we accept structurally sound dwellings from private donors.  The buildings have been relocated, rehabilitated and rented to income qualified year-round residents. We have saved many wonderful dwellings from demolition in this way and are also the island's go-to source for Relocatable Dwellings for sale. This is a list of dwellings that have to potential to be sold at a fraction of their appraised value and relocated at the expense of the buyer.

There are even more ways to help. Please contact us for current volunteer opportunities.



Contact Us

Housing Nantucket
P.O. Box 3149
Nantucket, MA 02584

75 Old South Road
(Coming from town, we are on
the right after Greglen Ave.)

508.228.4422 or
508.228.4915 (fax)



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